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Case Studies

BM Direct – Lytham Showroom (new build)

  • Client

    Lowther Building Company
  • Location

  • Sector

  • Requirements

    Design and installation of air conditioning, ventilation, and plumbing services for a new-build showroom site.
  • Objective

    Provide a high standard 'naked installation' with bespoke finishes aligned to corporate colour schemes.

BM Direct‘s showroom in Lytham was a new-build site in which the client wanted a ‘naked installation’ that would leave all mechanical services exposed to view. In addition, there was a requirement that installed equipment should be finished in colours aligned to their corporate branding.

Condensing units

These Daikin units employ ‘Smart Technology’ to minimise energy consumption and are charged with R32 refrigerant gas. R32 has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of one third that of R410A (currently the most common refrigerant found in ac systems), and is a more efficient refrigerant meaning that R32 systems require a smaller gas charge.

Indoor units

Indoor units were installed to meet client specification with grille finish colour aligned to corporate standard. Throughout the installation, attention was given to every detail as all equipment would form part of the overall aesthetic appearance of the space.


The installed ventilation equipment incorporates heat recovery whilst ensuring fresh air enters the building to maintain a healthy environment.

Plumbing Services

Instantaneous water heaters installed above office space and provide point of use hot water to the toilet facilities below.


BM Direct now have energy efficent systems that provide a healthy enviroment throughout the year.

Finished on time and budget, the open aspect of the installation works well, and in harmony with the interior design.