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Case Studies

Z-arts ventilation

  • Client

    Manchester City Council
  • Location

  • Sector

    Arts & Theatre
  • Requirements

    Provide active ventilation for the gallery area
  • Objective

    Meet COVID-19 Safety Precations and allow the gallery to re-open

Z-arts, Manchester is an arts and theatre venue for children and families.
To allow the gallery area to re-open to the public, improved ventilation was identified as a key requirement of their COVID-19 Safety Precautions.

Gallery ceiling
The ceiling was already populated with electrical cable routes, lighting rigging, fire detection etc., and we would need to plan the installation of ductwork and vent units into this already congested area.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the adventures of Mog the Forgetful Cat
A great deal of care was required to complete the works around an existing exhibition in the gallery. This fixed exhibition and associated lighting rigging could not be moved.

External works
Existing window openings were modified to mount the intake and outlet units for the fresh air ventilation.

Completed installation
The finished works were completed to specification, which included black finished ductwork as detailed by the client.


Certainly not one of the easiest installations to complete, though what a fantastic outcome for the client.

  • Fresh air ventilation for the gallery
  • COVID-19 Safety Precaution met
  • Gallery able to open to the public
  • No damage to the existing exhibition

The Horsfield team have done a fab job in what must have been a really awkward space.
We’ve done a thorough vac through of the whole gallery and there was virtually no dust left behind and only the odd machine screw hiding in the foliage! I’m pretty amazed how well they achieved the install, with no damage to the Gallery infrastructure.
The units and associated ductwork look neat, the units come on when asked and the controls interface is very straightforward.

The engineers were respectful of our Covid-controls and building. The works have definitely left the building in a better condition than before they arrived and the quality of finish is exactly how I would wish for it…

…if you could pass on my thanks to the ductwork engineers for completing their works without causing any impact or disruption to the Gallery exhibition, which was no mean task given the restricted access and overhead congestion of existing equipment!

Steve Curtis – Head of Technical and Premises, Z-arts