hotel plant room views

Case Studies

Ladybridge High School – Dcecarbonisation Project

  • Client

    Robertson Facilities Management
  • Location

  • Sector

  • Requirements

    Plantroom upgrade
  • Objective

    Reduction in carbon footprint

We were awarded the contract to carryout all M&E works required for the decarbonisation project at the school.
There were many aspects to this project which made strong design, planning, and project management critical to successful delivery if we were to complete on time:

  • Accurate sizing of plant to meet demand
  • Heavy lifting and transport arrangements
  • On-site pipework modifications and installations
  • Minimum downtime whilst pool heat exchanger being replaced
  • Minimal interuption to school and leisure centre activities

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
    A significant part of this project was the installation of three 128kW ashp’s (totalling 384kW) whose purpose is to move the school away from gas-fired plant.
    images of ashp installation

    Buffer Vessels
    The ashp’s will pre-heat 9000ltrs of water in three buffer vessels which will then circulate to the school’s heating system and swimming pool heating.
    images of buffer vessels

    Heat Recovery Units
    Four air handling units were replaced with highly energy efficient heat recovery units, along with all modifications to the ventilation ductwork; these units will supply warm air to the toilets, changing rooms and lounge/bar areas.
    images of ahu's

    Pump Replacement
    All pumps in the plantroom have been replaced with energy efficient inverter driven units, with pipework modifications completed as required.
    images of pumps
    images of pumps

    Domestic Hot Water Unit
    The DHW provision was upgraded to realise energy savings whilst delivering more hot water.
    images of dhw unit

    The controls have been upgraded to realise the benefits of energy efficient control strategies.
    These controls also offer the benefit of remote monitoring, alarms, and reporting.
    images of control panels

    Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger
    A failing heat exchanger supplying the swimming pool has been replaced with a high efficiency unit.
    images of swimming pool heat exchanger

    Combind Heat & Power Unit
    During the installation works, we also removed a redundant CHP unit.
    images of a chp unit


Completed on time and in budget, this was a great opportunity for us to deliver, a package of works that:

  • reduces the school’s carbon footprint
  • reduces ongoing energy costs for the school
  • realises further energy savings through heat recovery
  • introduces new controls system features and benefits
  • has replaced a soon-to-fail pool heat exchanger
  • has removed redundant plant from the space