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Case Studies

Z-arts – Toilets Revisioned

  • Client

  • Location

  • Sector

    Arts & Theatre
  • Requirements

    Strip-out and replacement of of existing basement toilet facilities
  • Objective

    To provide a modern, hygienic and bright 'Toilet For Everyone'

Z-arts approached us to complete a total refit of the basement toilet facilities, and in doing so, provide a modern toilet suitable for today’s visitors.
The project would change the existing facilities from the traditional Male, Female, Disabled provision to Unisex, Family, and Accessible options.

Existing facilities

Clearly tired and in need of a face-lift, the first step was to strip-out the existing space and prepare for the new installation.


Prior to boarding and partitioning the space, all required plumbing, heating, electrical and ventilation services were positioned.


Boarding and partitioning defined the space and enabled the second-fix to start.


Bright, hygienic panelling in place, the toilet facilities started to take shape.

Modern finish

The new facilities present a welcoming and clean environment for all users.

Additional detail

New signage introduced a little fun to the project, and a suspended ceiling with new LED lighting and ventilation grilles completed the bright and clean finish.
The cleaners cupboard benefited from the same standard of finish, and all hot water to the toilet facilities is now generated by an efficient Energy Panel unit.


This was a great project for us to work on, and certainly transformed what were fairly tired facilities into a bright and cheerful Toilet For All

  • Colourful and welcoming space for parents and children
  • Unisex toilets have helped to avoid queues during breaktimes and intervals
  • Ventilation ductwork is now concealed above the new ceiling
  • Modern energy efficient lighting throughout the space
  • Easy-clean hygienic panelling and flooring
  • EnergyPanel unit delivers savings of up to 80% against conventional systems