We provide complete heating services, from design and equipment selection through to installation, after sales support and cost effective maintenance.

We provide heating solutions for industrial and commercial premises using energy efficient products many of which appear on the Energy Technology list, thereby qualifying for Government Enhanced Capital Allowance assistance (ECA).

ECA is a government programme which was introduced to manage climate control providing businesses with tax relief for investments in equipment which meets published energy saving criteria. Products which are contained in the list are energy efficient resulting in significant long term benefits and ECA also permits businesses to deduct 100% of the capital expenditure against their taxable profits; this can deliver cash flow boosts and shorten payback periods on investments. Investing in energy efficient products can reduce energy costs, climate change levy payments and the impact which climate change brings.

Our highly qualified engineers are expert in their field and are familiar in the concept and principles of multiple boilers. These systems now extended to almost all types of commercial installation where energy efficiency, reliability, and back up are important. Our experience extends through a wide range of products, which include the following applications:

  • Commercial boilers: Atmospheric, pre-mix, power flame, condensing
  • Heating Systems: Radiant, warm air, process steam & water, heat pumps, radiator, factory decentralisation
  • Ancillary Products: Pipe work kits, controllers, pressurisation sets
  • Water heating: direct, indirect, instantaneous
  • Flue systems: natural draught, fan assisted, fan diluted
  • Pumps: low, medium and high speed, electronic and twin headed.

All installations are carried out to BESA standards.