hotel plant room views

Case Studies

Crowne Plaza Boiler Room Refit

  • Client

    Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Location

  • Sector

    Hotels & Leisure
  • Requirements

    Replace all boiler room plant, the Building Management System (BMS) control panel, and all associated devices/sensors.
  • Objective

    To restore heating and hot water services to the hotel using energy efficient mechanical plant and controls.

During a period of extreme wet weather the hotel boiler room became fully submerged due to flooding. Without heating or hot water, the hotel was forced to close until these critical services could be restored. Horsfield Building Services Engineers Ltd (HBSE) secured the mechanical package of works and was appointed main contractor.

Plant Room
Prior to installation, the plant room was completely stripped and re-painted in readiness for the new equipment.
Three Broag boilers provide for one as a constant stand-by unit should a duty boiler be out of service.
LTHW Pumps
Low Temperature Hot Water pumps have all been replaced with their inverter driven equivalent.
HWS Cylinders and Plate Heat Exchangers
The Hot Water Service cylinders and PHE’s have been renewed, and HWS pumps upgraded to inverter driven units.
BMS Control Panel
The new Building Management System has introduced:
– improved control efficiency
– enhanced monitoring and alarm reporting
– remote access/communication


The hotel is now back in business and benefits from some significant improvements:

  • Greater energy efficiency delivered by the condensing boilers
  • Designed redundancy back-up from a 3rd ‘stand-by’ boiler
  • Remote access to BMS from mobile/external devices
  • BMS facilitates enhanced energy and plant monitoring/alarms