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Case Studies

Halifax Building Society HQ – COVID Upgrade

  • Client

  • Location

  • Sector

  • Requirements

    DWS upgrade to mitigate COVID-19 risk
  • Objective

    Swap-out taps and flushing mechanisms to minimal contact alternatives

Halifax Building Society HQ – Scope of works:
DWS (Domestic Water System) upgrade to mitigate COVID risk. We were asked to change lever taps to concussive brassware and normal WC flushes to infra-red, thus limiting, or in the case of the flushes, eliminating the need for physical contact.
Both the plumbing & electrical aspects were completed by Horsfield’s in-house teams.

The toilets
Wash-hand basin lever-operated taps were removed and replaced by single concussive type outlets.
Lever-operated flush handles were replaced with non-contact infra-red flush controls.

Behind the scenes
The old conventional toilet flush cisterns were replaced with infra-red controlled units.
Thermostatic Blending Valves were installed below the wash basins to provide temperature controlled water to the new (single) concussive outlets.


A nice clean and quick upgrade of employee toilet facilities.

  • The need for contact with toilet flushes eliminated
  • Improved temperature control at outlets
  • Need to turn tap off after washing your hands eliminated
  • No forgetting to turn the tap off and wasting hot water!

Good sensible measures taken and something we’d be happy to discuss in respect of your needs.