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Case Studies

Holiday Inn – Urgent call-out

  • Client

    Starboard Hotels Group
  • Location

    Holiday Inn Express - Tamworth
  • Sector

    Hotels & Leisure
  • Requirements

    Urgent request to attend site and rectify problem with beer cellar cooler.
  • Objective

    To restore cooling for the beer cellar

At around 4:30pm, we received a call from the Guest Services Manager at the Holiday Inn Express (Tamworth). The beer cellar cooler had failed, leaving the hotel facing potential issues around customer satisfaction and vulnerability of stock due to lack of cooling. We despatched a service team to visit site and effect repairs.

Arrival at site
Site inspection highlighted the following issues:

  • The existing cooler had failed and was beyond economical repair
  • The cellar would be able to hold a satisfactory storage temperature for an estimated 24hrs
  • The evening services would be entirely supported at current temperatures
  • Sufficient ambient cooling would be lost by the following evening
Next day activities
Whilst our office team busied themselves identifying suitable replacement cooling equipment, our site team got to work removing the failed equipment and preparing to install the replacement units.
Replacement units were delivered to site around lunchtime and the installation was completed within 24 hours of the original call, and in readiness for the afternoon/evening demand.


Always great to resolve emergency call-outs within 24hrs;

  • The hotel suffered no stock loss as a result of the failure
  • Cooling was back online in under 24 hours from the initial call

We enjoying working with our clients, and continually strive to deliver needed solutions.