hotel plant room views

Case Studies

ibis Hotel – service request

  • Client

    Starboard Hotels Group
  • Location

    ibis Styles Hotel - Barnsley
  • Sector

    Hotels & Leisure
  • Requirements

    Attend a service request
  • Objective

    Resolve performance issues

Beyond maintenance…
Fixing something when it goes wrong is one approach, though when we were asked to attend the ibis Styles Hotel in Barnsley, it was clear that more was required for a satisfactory solution to their problem.

Initial observation
It was clear to see that the condition of the pipe insulation would be a contributory factor to the performance issues the hotel was encountering, as there would be significant efficiency loses.
Further inspection
Looking inside the inspection hatches on the air handling unit we found blocked filters, and the one remaining drive belt near to failure with the other snapped and lying in the base of the unit.
Protective measures
Drive belts, filters, and insulation renewed, mechanical protection was added to the exposed pipe runs to mitigate the risk of damage recurring.


The steps we’ve taken have delivered the following benefits:

  • Insulation replacement – has improved system efficiency and reduced running costs
  • Drive belt renewal – has reduced the risk of system failure
  • Filter replacement – has improved airflow and ensured sufficient supply of clean air to the hotel
  • Established inspection plan – will ensure ongoing system efficiency; keeping running costs in control and maintaining satisfactory comfort levels in the hotel

From our perspective, we are maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with a valued client.