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Case Studies

JLP Trafford Centre – Main Water Storage Tank

  • Client

    John Lewis Partnership
  • Location

    Trafford Centre, Manchester
  • Sector

  • Requirements

    Remove and replace the existing cold-water storage tank
  • Objective

    Replacement of a 32,000 Litre mains cold-water storage tank with no interuption to the stores cold-water supply

JLP – Trafford Centre
Horsfield were invited to tender for the replacement of the mains cold-water storage tank. Feeding the entire store, the 32,000 litre tank had become a concern to JLP’s technical team, as the 20 year old installation was developing issues questioning the future integrity of the seals between the sections. As this work was to be completed in a ‘live’ store, maintaining the cold-water supply during the replacement, along with the potential for a major flood should things go wrong presented a significant challenge. Successful in the competitive tender, Horsfield planned the replacement…

The existing tank to be removed
Prior to the removal of the old tank, an alternative water supply was introduced and tested to ensure that water demand volumes could be delivered with no degradation in pressure. With the alternative supply established, we then began the process of draining and dismantling the old tank.
Preparing for the new tank
The installation area was cleared and checked to ensure that it was ready for assembly of the new tank. The tank components were delivered and thoroughly checked to eliminate the possibility of delays due to faulty or incomplete items.
Installing & commissioning the new tank
Once assembled, the tank was fitted with new level-sensing controls to ensure reliability, and tested for water-tight integrity.
Completed installation
On completion of testing the tank was put into service, and the alternative supply was removed.


A trouble-free old to new replacement with no interruption to the cold-water supply to the store.

Our ‘right first time, and on time’ ethos delivered a smooth change-over, and ensured that concerns over water supply interruption and possible flooding were not realised.