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Case Studies

Newfold School – Hall Aircon

  • Client

    AP Group Ltd
  • Location

  • Sector

  • Requirements

    Installation and commissioning of heat pumps for main hall
  • Objective

    To provide efficient wintertime heating and summertime cooling within the hall

Newfold Primary School
As with a lot of primary schools, the hall is a multi-purpose space used daily for assembly, lunchtime, and as a gym; lunchtimes presenting a significant over-heating problem in the summer months.
The contract called for the correct sizing, installation and commissioning of 2 heat pumps that would give year-round heating/cooling as required, and presented a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the installation standards that we deliver when installing split air conditioning systems.

The Site
Careful consideration was given to the planning and installation to accommodate school operating times and minimise disruption.
The outdoor units would be installed on the roof to keep them out of reach and eliminate any impact upon the outside walls of the single-storey building.
The challenge of installing the outdoor units on a large area of felted roof presented the need to ensure a waterproof installation.
On the roof
The roof was penetrated at 2 points to allow the pipework and cabling to pass through, and large footprint mounting pads ensured that for the rest of the installation, the integrity of the roofing felt was not compromised in any way.
In the hall
The indoor units were selected to give sufficient air-throw to service the space, and positioning them at height ensured that all wall space remained free for school use/activities, and that they were out of the children’s reach. Infra-red remote control handsets facilitate operation of the air conditioning, whilst also limiting use to teachers and other permitted persons.


A quick and clean installation that has been delivered on-time and in budget.
The school now enjoys a more efficient system that delivers year-round comfort in the hall.
The improved efficiency reduces energy consumption, and in-turn, the school’s carbon footprint.