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Case Studies

St Gregory’s Church Heating Upgrade

  • Client

    St Gregory's Church
  • Location

  • Sector

  • Requirements

    To replace existing boilers with fuel efficient condensing type and replace fan-convector heaters with radiators
  • Objective

    To provide the church with a more energy efficient, quiet, and reliable heating system

Maintaining an inefficient heating system with reliability issues and leaks from aging pipework prompted St Gregory’s to approach Horsfield Building Services Engineers Ltd. with a view to an upgrade rather than bearing the cost of on-going repairs. Horsfield’s delivered both the design and installation work, with the option of on-going service and maintenance being part of the overall package offered.

Significant improvement in energy efficiency has been realised by replacing the conventional atmospheric boilers with condensing boilers along with a bespoke control system which allows remote dial-in and monitoring/control of church heating.

Heat Emitters
Heat generated by the boilers was previously delivered to the main church via fan-convector heaters which were noisy in operation and have now been replaced by radiators that were selected to be both pleasing to the eye and sympathetic to the building.


St Gregory’s is now a more comfortable church with maintained minimum temperatures benefitting both the building and its congregation.
Church services can now be delivered in an environment free from the fan noise from the convector heaters.
Heating has been split into zones enabling savings to be realised through just heating the zone(s) required rather than the whole building.
The control system facilitates remote access from external devices such as PC’s, tablets and smart phones, which can be used to control the heating and check temperatures in the independent zones.

“…the congregation have noticed an improvement in comfort, so much so, that you ‘no longer see your own breath’ when inside…”