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Case Studies

Waitrose Chilled-Water Installation

  • Client

  • Location

  • Sector

  • Requirements

    Install plant, equipment, and pipework to supply chilled-water to new shopfloor display cabinets
  • Objective

    Refrigerant free display cabinets

Waitrose – Allington
We were pleased to be awarded the contract to convert the Allington store from refrigerant to chilled-water to provide cooling at the store display cabinets. This project is another step in the on-going programme to reduce the volumes of refrigerant used at Waitrose store locations.

Outdoor installation

Installation of the outdoor chiller unit was fairly straightforward, though once inside the building maintaining minimum height restrictions whilst working around existing installations required careful planning and attention for the new chilled-water pipe runs.


The chilled-water installation was completed using carbon-steel pipework. Whilst carbon-steel pipework has a cost advantage, it must be installed correctly and a De-gasser has been included to manage the corrosion risk.


Pre-fabrication of the plant-room pipework and equipment at our workshops meant we could have this part of the project ready to install prior to store closure. This action reduced closure time for the store and eliminated the need for on-site welding.

Display cabinets

Once the display cabinets were in place our installation team completed the pipe runs above the cabinets, connecting each as they progressed.


For us, this was another job completed on-time, in-budget, and to client satisfaction.

For Waitrose, this is another significant step in the reduction of refrigerant used within the business:

  • New and efficient display cabinets
  • Refrigerant-free display cabinets
  • Zero potential for refrigerant leaks to atmosphere from cabinets
  • Minimal store refit closure time