hotel plant room views

Case Studies

Z-arts Boiler Replacement

  • Client

    Cruden Property Services Ltd.
  • Location

  • Sector

    Arts & Theatre
  • Requirements

    Replacement of boilers, pumps and associated pipework modifications.
  • Objective

    Upgrade to reliable energy efficient plant.

Z-arts, Manchester is an arts and theatre venue for children and families.
Because its ageing heating system had only 1 working boiler out of 4, it would not provide enough heat in winter. Also, the boilers being at the end of their useful life meant rising running costs. In short, the boilers needed replacing. Horsfield completed a heating system upgrade. And this upgrade included the installation of 6 new boilers.

New Boilers & pre-fab pipework
Working in the small boiler room presented an installation challenge. Hence, the pipe headers were pre-fabricated at our workshops in Preston, making the job easier.
To further improve efficiency, inverter-driven pumps replace the old units.
System Flushing
During flushing of the existing pipework we removed a significant amount of sludge. The performance and reliability of the system is improved due to this action.
Finished Boiler Installation
This is a compact installation meaning that good use of available space was critical. Also, finishing it to a high standard to meet our commitment to quality was a must.


Z-arts now provide a comfortable environment for their visitors at winter time. This means people can enjoy the workshops and events throughout the year.

  • Condensing boilers
    • – delivering much improved efficiency and lower running costs
      – sized to deliver the building heat requirements
  • Pumps
    • – adding more energy efficiency to the system