hotel plant room views

Case Studies

Our Case Studies pages are an excellent opportunity for you to view completed projects and get an insight into the work of our maintenance team.

We’ll welcome your feedback in respect of the published studies, and encourage you to get in touch if you have an up-coming project you’d like to discuss.

  • Holiday Inn – Urgent call-out

    At around 4:30pm, we received a call from the Guest Services Manager at the Holiday Inn Express (Tamworth)....

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  • Bowfell House Care Home (new-build)

    Bowfell House is a new-build 40-bed care home for which we were successful in competitive tender to carry out...

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  • World Horse Welfare – Penny Farm

    World Horse Welfare Following our success in competitive tender, we were awarded the contract to complete all HVAC works involved...

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  • Crowne Plaza Hotel – Urgent Response

    Critical plant failure... at around 3:15PM the maintenance team encountered a complete boiler failure meaning no heating or hot...

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  • BM Direct – Lytham Showroom (new build)

    BM Direct's showroom in Lytham was a new-build site in which the client wanted a 'naked installation' that would...

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  • installed chilled water plant

    Waitrose Chilled Water Conversion

    Waitrose have an on-going programme of projects that include action to reduce the volumes of refrigerant used at their...

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